• Eight zones standard expandable to 87 zones/points
  • Eight partitions
  • 150 user codes, 224 event log capacity
  • Two on-board notification (bell) circuits delivering 2.3A at 12V or 3.4A at 24V (optional)
  • Supports in excess of 1,000 two-wire smoke detectors
  • Seven authority levels
  • Temporal code compliant
  • Supports UL268 Listed commercial wireless smoke detectors
  • Supervised dialer circuit
  • Event logging storage, printing and retrieval
  • Automatic scheduling features
  • Easily programmed and maintained through Compass WindowsTM based software
  • Programmable auxiliary Form C relay
  • Hardwired, wireless and V-Plex (addressable) technology
  • Uses existing wiring for retrofit applications




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  • Supports addressable V-Plex access control points using VistaKey (1 to 8 doors)
  • Supports up to 15 doors of access control using VISTA Gateway Module (VGM)*
  • Supports CCTV applications with the new VistaView-100 CCTV switcher module
  • Identifies the point or zone of a fire or alarm, using the new FSA-8/FSA-24 Fire system annunciator
  • Stores up to 512 events and can accommodate 150 user codes
  • New E2 software simplifies programming
  • Easily programmed and maintained with newly upgraded Compass Downloader software
  • Eight hardwired zones standard, expandable to 120 V-Plex addressable points/zones or 128 wireless points/zones
  • Can control eight separate areas independently (8 partitions)
  • Two on-board notification (bell) circuits delivering 2.3A @ 12V or 3.4 amp @ 24V
  • Automatic smoke detector sensitivity maintenance testing




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  • Ideal for small to medium facilities
  • Perfect for replacing conventional systems
  • A single PC board, includes all electronics, 3 amp power supply, Built-in digital communicator
  • Optional Internet Communicator (IPDACT)
  • Easy to Install, Program and Use
  • Meets many application requirements
  • Features new larger enclosure with electronics on easy-to-remove chassis
  • Menus and selections follow standard FireLite panels and reduce training required
  • Support for 50 addressable devices of any type on one signaling line circuit
  • User-friendly LCD Display
  • 2 NAC circuits with built-in synchronization for System Sensor, Wheelock, and Gentex
  • 3 Form-C relays standard
    •Trouble (non-programmable)
    •Alarm and Supervisory are programmable for other functions




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