Digital Voice Annunciation System (Special Design For Senior Apartment)
  • Integrates with security & access control systems or operates independently
  • 8 to 80 channels, Max 32 min record time with auto sequence +/-; NO/NC trigger, momentary/latch selectable
  • Mic/Line-in/out and 2 W AMP on-board drive to multiple speakers (EE-EE668SPK / EE-EE518SPK)
  • EE-EE532EXP: 32 channel expander
  • EE-EE515PWA: 12V DC / 1.5A Power Supply with Battery Backup and Built-in on board 15/30W PA-Amp 

Honeywell/PassPoint Plus


  • Custom Photo ID Badge design software and twain compatibility means there are no additional expensive software packages to buy
  • Place card holder information or bar codes on ID badges
  • Card holder's picture displays based on an event

Floor Plan Graphics

  • Dynamic 3-D view with real-time maps provide visual status of the facility
  • Controls system devices from the floor plan view
  • No need to go through multiple screens to unlock a door
  • Built-in Floor Plan Designer Reporting Enhancements
  • Scheduled reports do not require manual intervention which saves time and money
  • Run a report from archived events to find out what events took place last month
  • Reports available via internet for easy access

Real-Time Alarm Monitoring

  • User-defined instructions reduce training time for system operators
  • Event reports will show annotations, forcing guards to acknowledge an event
  • Recognizing important events is easier by adding colors and sounds
  • Event notification without system operator intervention via numeric/alphanumeric pager, email, or website posting




User Manual 

Data Sheet 


Honeywell/WinPak 2005
  • WIN-PAK™ 2005 includes everything needed for small access control system to an integrated digital video, multi-location server with photo-id badging. There are no extra addon's or modules to buy.Whether buying WIN-PAK, NStarTM or WIN-PAKTM Pro, all software programs use the same set of commands and functions. Regardless of which software is installed, training and installation is reduced because all products have the same programming structure.

  • Quick Start Wizards reduce installation time and provide fast and easy setup of WIN-PAK 2005. The Wizards give you the ability to perform installation and setup to configuring panels and adding users to the system, without complicated programming.
  • Add Integrated Digital Video to an installation and increase the overall revenue. Win new business by installing a true integrated solution with video record and playback on events and alarms.
  • WIN-PAK 2005 offers custom high-end features like Guard Tour, Muster Tracking, Floor Plan Graphics, Digital Video Integration for no additional charge.
  • WIN-PAK has over 20,000 installations and is the most popular access control software in the market. WIN-PAK 2005 offers a large opportunity to gain revenue and upgrade existing accounts. While upgrading new accounts, add-on additional capabilities like Digital Video,
  • Photo-ID Badging, Email Report Notification and more.
  • Save Cost and Reduce Installation Time using a pre-configured PC with WIN-PAK 2005.
  • With any pre-configured and tested PC, software installation is simply turning the PC on and running the Software Wizards. There are no operating systems or resource sharing problems using WIN-PAK 2005 pre-configured PC systems.
  • WIN-PAK 2005 is designed to be simple to install in the IT world. Using standard IT terminology, interfacing with IT Directors is fast and easy. Create a network configuration using existing Ethernet systems.
  • WIN-PAK 2005 offers options to schedule reports for your customers. Create reports in WIN-PAK 2005 and have them automatically print or email to your customer.
  • WIN-PAK 2005 uses a standard Microsoft MSDE database, which allows dealers to meet needs of customers by providing interfacing capabilities to existing ODBC compliant programs, such as Payroll, Time and Attendance and other HR applications.




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User Guide 

Data Sheet