EESGI Headquarter (California, USA):


Systems Group, Inc. (EESGI) is a product innovator with leading edge design for “Electronic Security Products”. For over 25 years we have assisted Security Dealers by providing innovative stand alone solutions and functional system enhancements to standard OEM alarm and relay systems. Our product line represents years of problem solving engineering design and it now includes over a dozen US patents integrated into our security and intrusion products. Additionally, our experience with ‘design compatibility’ for alarm systems now positions us to assist 'you' with your individual security design needs. Years of commercial and residential use of our products have established their quality, performance, ease of installation and integration friendliness. Our manufacturing procedures are based on ISO 2000 specifications allowing us to bring products to market that are efficient, cost effective, and made to the demanding specifications of today’s security professionals. We have a national and worldwide presence and distribution capabilities and we want to be your ‘partner of choice’ for security solutions. Our business is based on assisting individual Security Dealers such as you with simplified solutions and custom design when required.

EESGI has a strong technical research and product development capability. EESGI owns a 15 000 square foot facility with an exhibition center and design workshop. It has a complete product line that coordinates with the R & D, Consulting and Manufacturing Departments.


R&D Department (Ontario, Canada):

All of EESGI products have been field tested to ensure the highest possible quality, reliability and performance. By utilizing our patented EESGI technology, we are able to provide dealers and users with products that are cost effective, efficient, and generally compatible (with existing equipment). All of our products are designed by EESGI engineers and are patented to provide specific function for multiple markets. Based in California USA and Toronto Canada, EE Systems Group Inc. has several senior engineers with strong research and development backgrounds in our industry. Our flag ship products, eFAR100 and ePIR are designed especially for security industry. We have developed a nationwide dealer network to support our products throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.


Manufacturing Department (China):

EESGI has manufacturing facilities both in the US and in China. Our advanced quality control standards and our highly efficient testing methods lead to the excellent quality of EESGI products. From product design, incoming inspection (raw materials) to the shipping of finished goods we have established and follow a set of strict quality supervision and management policies.